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Mother’s Ruin: My Favourite Festive Drinks

Christmas comes but once a year and with it a whole heap of beverages that only tend to feature during the holiday season. Here are some of my favourite festive drinks…

1. Bucks Fizz

Is it even Christmas Morning if your breakfast doesn’t involve a glass of Buck’s Fizz, or if you’re American or want to sound fancy, a Mimosa. Champagne and orange juice, what’s not to love?

2. Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine reminds me of Christmas markets. Mr Raucous and I spent a week last year going to various markets along the Rhine and we collected a collection of mugs to drink it from. Mulled Wine is the perfect drink to stick in the slow cooker so you can go out in the cold for a long walk and have a warming drink ready when you get back. I also love a glass with a mince pie when wrapping presents, it’s like a ritual of mine.

3. Christmas Sangria

I was served Christmas Sangria at a friend’s one year and its quickly become a firm favourite of mine! It features fresh cranberries and sparking apple juice and lashings of rosemary. We have a huge rosemary bush in our garden so it’s good to put it to use. It’s definitely a good one to have with lunch and looks awesome too.

4. Port

I am half Portuguese so it would be a travesty if I didn’t like Port. I know you should sip it in a mini glass but once the cheese board comes out, so does the wine glass full of Port!

5. Snow Balls

Oh Advocaat, you only get drunk at Christmas but you taste so good! Mixed with lemonade and lime juice and topped with a maraschino cherry or three, this is the drink I like to quaff when the board games come out.

6. Baileys

I am partial to a Baileys a various points in the year, but none more so than at Christmas! I mostly use it in place of milk in a coffee for a boozey treat. Topped with squirty cream. Mmmm.

Of course, this is all accompanied by plenty of good old Mothers Ruin, Gin! Have I missed your favourite Christmas tipple? Let me know what it is in the comments.