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Christmas Eve Checklist

It’s almost here! I usually make a Christmas Eve checklist to make sure I haven’t missed anything. If I have, it’s not too late to rectify it. Here is my last minute list….

1. Do My Meal Prep – no one wants to be slaving over a hot stove on Christmas Day, so we make sure all veg is cut and peeled, stuffing made, bird prepped and yorkie batter made.

2. Write Time My Timings – I write a quick time line so I know when what needs to start cooking / go in the oven / taken out. We have an Echo so will utilise that for an audio cue as well.

3. Check We Have Batteries – I always make sure we have batteries of every size. You can guarantee if you don’t, some toy will need the ones you don’t have.

4. Charge Cameras / Phones – You don’t want to run out of juice capturing everyone in their festive gear.

5. Stock Up On Ice – Either buy some or make sure you have made plenty. No one wants a warm G&T, bleurgh!

6. Assemble Tricky Presents – I learnt very quickly it makes more sense to put presents together and then wrap them. Kids aren’t bothered about toys being in a box – they want to be played with and you don’t want to spend hours putting together something with a 12 page assembly manual. Trust me, I’ve been there.

7. Get Ready For Unwrapping – Make sure you have scissors and bags handy. Scissors as toys are almost always attached with annoying cable ties. Try to separate plastic and paper so it can be recycled easier.

8. Set The Table For Christmas Day – Everyone makes the table looks special for Christmas, right? If you do this the night before its another thing off the list.

9. Check Weather / Travel Updates – You don’t want any nasty surprises when you discover you need to be somewhere and the road you want is closed or the car is frozen over.

10. Make Yourself A Large Drink – Congratulations, you’re all set. Bring on the Baileys!

There you go, Merry Christmas! There is probably something I have forgotten – standard Christmas! What do you think I have missed off, what is always on your prep list?