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Veganuary: My first Vegan shop of 2019

I am not a stranger to Veganuary, I first did it in January 2016 after being pescatarian for most of 2015 and it was actually easier than I thought it would be, apart from discovering there was pretty much milk hidden in everything!

I continued flirting with veganism until I fell pregnant with The Littlest in July 2016 and just craved meat, gave in to those cravings and I have struggled to get back on track ever since, so here I am again.

I am not actually against eating meat per sé, but mass farming practises are just barbaric and not sustainable. The best way you can help protect the Planet for our future generations is to eat less meat, which is why I want to eat more of a vegan diet.

I usually mix my food shops between Tesco and Aldi, but Tesco definitely has the choice you need as a vegan. I was struck by how much more choice there was, even in the last few years the market has exploded. This is what I picked up.

I love the Oatly Barrista, it is easily the best milk substitute for hot drinks, this one even froths up for coffee. I got the vanilla custard to try too.

I have heard great things about the Hellmanns vegan Mayo, the last sub i tried was horrid so hoping this is better! Also got some Alpro yogurts too.

Cheese is my weakness! I have tried all of these before apart from the Red Leicester. The parmesan sub is really good and violife is the best fake cheese I have tried.

Being from Leicester, I had to give the Red Leicester a try! The dairy version is a fave in our house.

Some veggies and vegans dont bother with meat subs, but I tried the Vivera Shawarma and it was so delicious, you really would struggle to tell the difference.

Off the back of that, I ordered the steak (which was the craving whilst pregnant that knocked me off kilter!). The picture on the back look so convincing, Mr R didnt believe it wasn’t the real thing, so really excited to try it. We also got the pulled veggie.

We also picked up some garlic baguettes – these cheap ones were accidently vegan, some veggie s, jackfruit in a thai sauce and some wraps and bread. To see what kind of meals we create, make sure you watch my stories on instagram.

How about you, do you already follow a veggie or vegan diet?