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Hopes & Goals For 2019

Looking back on my list for 2018, I didn’t get much done that I wanted to.

But 2018 was quite frankly, a whole pile of crap. It was easily the worst year I have had in a long time. I battled with a quite severe bout of depression, which in turn made my binge-eating disorder worse, which put paid to my health and fitness goals. My Grandma died in April. I lost my job in November. I think it was a crappy one for a lot of people, I have seen friends and family go through seperation or divorce, lose loved ones or battle serious illnesses.

I am not going to beat myself up if I don’t achieve these things, but I like having things to work towards.

Have a Social Media Detox

The last few weeks since losing my job I have constantly been checking my phone. I ordered the book “How To Break Up With Your Phone” and have downloaded the Anti-social to limit my app use to certain times. Hopefully it will make me more productive, which I will need for the next goal!

Start My Own Business

I lost my job in November and was devastated. I was made redundant from the job before that too, at the same time of year. Whilst I have a decent CV and feel confident I could find another job, I think now is the time to take the plunge and try and work for myself. Still in travel, but also thinking of considering virtual assistant type work, focusing on content creation and social media management. I have an exciting meeting on 9th January, so hopefully will be able to tell you more then. Watch this space!

Focus On Good Early Years Development

Now I am not working standard hours and trying to make work fit around me, The Littlest no longer is going to my wonderful childminder, which actually worked quite well as she was finishing to re-start a preschool. I will send him for some hours when he is a little older, but my childminder did lots of exciting learning with him and I want to ensure we do plenty of activities which will aid his development. If you know of any good resources, let me know!

Learn To Drive

I still havent done it. I said last year I wanted to do it before I was 40, I still have just under 9 months to do it! Mr R gets his new car in February and its an automatic, so hopefully that will get me out and about!

Set Achievable Health & Fitness Goals

Despite my size, I have always been pretty healthy but in the last few weeks I have had a couple of issues that getting my body in check will help resolve. Having binge-eating disorder, anything relating to diet or restricting is a huge trigger, so I am going to instead set some exercise related goals. I haven’t decided on them yet, but will be sure to let you know!

Keep The Blog Going

I have been blogging intermittently for just over a year now, depression and anxiety have derailed me at points, but feeling good about this year. I have started planning my content a better and curating my feed a little more on instagram. So let’s see how we do!

How about you, what goals if any are you setting for 2019?