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Designing The Boys Bedroom

The boys are starting (and going back!) to school on Tuesday, so we decided as an end of lockdown treat to re-do their bedroom.

A child’s bedroom is arguably the most important space in their lives. It is a place to live, learn, laugh, and play. Therefore, every parent should go the extra mile to unlock the room’s full potential.

Whether completing a full transformation or looking at small updates, planning is essential. The following questions will provide the guidance you require.

1) Is There Enough Space?

The fight for storage space is one of the biggest challenges throughout the property. You can regain control when designing your child’s room by utilising the walls. Shelving or mounted TVs can save valuable floor space. Crucially, looking at the right boys beds can restore organisation. In addition to being a place to sleep, the bed can incorporate storage spaces, workstations, and a host of other features. One way or another, avoiding clutter enables your child to enjoy their bedroom with far greater success. We saved space in our room by putting the boys in bunk beds.

2) Is It A Happy Room?

We are all influenced by our surroundings. So, the bedroom should put your child in a happier mood. It will aid their wellbeing. There are several ways to achieve this. More lighting and a brighter colour scheme will work wonders. Adding personal touches, such as family photos or curtains with their favourite characters, are ideal. The generally positive atmosphere should be supported by a sense of belonging. Your child will enjoy a far better relationship with the bedroom. In turn, their love towards the home as a whole can thrive too.

3) Is The Room Safe?

As a parent, your childs safety is paramount at all times. When dealing with the bedroom, there are several features to consider. Firstly, you must check that plug sockets are childproofed and other hazards are contained. This includes checking window locks. It is also necessary to maintain a comfortable temperature at all times. Smart technology with climate control from your smartphone or tablet puts you in the best position. Aside from keeping your little ones, it’s a step that will put your mind at ease. We love using Alexa to play sleep sounds for them!

4) Is The Room Maintainable?

A child’s bedroom will get played in. Therefore, it could become a little messy from time to time as your son expresses his creativity. The best way to combat this is to ensure that it is easy to clean and organise. Once again, good storage facilities will work well. However, it’s equally important to find boys rugs and cushions made from the right type of materials. Where possible, reducing the need for wired electronics can play a positive role too. When there are fewer possible problems to contend with, maintaining control becomes easy.

5) Is It Built To Last?

Little boys grow up fast. So, while it’s one thing to create a room that keeps them happy right now, it’s also very important to keep one eye on the future. While it’s likely that a few updates will be required each year, you don’t want to face a major transformation every 12 months. Searching for boys duvet covers won’t frustrate you. However, adding new flooring and tech features on a frequent basis will always cause unnecessary stress. You owe it to yourself, as well as your son, to find a consistent style. We chose to pick a primary colour scheme, so it’s easy enough to change pictures etc.

With the answers to those questions at your disposal, you won’t go far wrong.