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Valentine’s Day: Before & After Kids….

Ahh, that day of forced romance is upon us! Not really, it will always be one to celebrate in Chez Raucous as its when Mr Raucous proposed. Drunk. With a ring I was already wearing because he didn’t have one on him as it wasn’t planned. ?

But yes, let’s talk about how different this day goes before and after kids…

Before Kids: Get woken up on the day with breakfast in bed.

After Kids: Get woken up by an angry baby climbing over your face in a totally different room to your partner, as he is dealing with the eldests demands in another room.

Before Kids: Swap lovingly thought out and extravagant gifts, wrapped to perfection with some soppy Moon Pig card with an excellent photo of you enjoying your pre-kid travels.

After Kids: Bollocks, you forgot a a card! Raid the kids craft drawers for some red card and hastily prit-stick some feathers on it and sharpie a message. Or mad-dash to the garage across the road and fight Hunger Games style over the last card and battered single rose.

Before Kids: Book a nice restaurant.

After Kids: Book a Deliveroo

Before Kids: Spend ages on big date night prep. Get your eyebrows sorted, get your nails done and spend ages on your face and hair.

After Kids: Big eyebrows are in right now. Add some extra mascara to your usual 5 minute routine.

Before Kids: Go fancy underwear shopping

After Kids: Root around in your drawers for something that matches, that stops your post-breastfeeding boobs swinging round your knees.

Before Kids: Spend all night drinking cocktails.

After Kids: Spend all night drinking coffee so you don’t fall asleep.

Before Kids: Getting lucky meant getting lucky.

After Kids: Getting lucky is your partner offering to load the dish washer so you can get an extra 15 minutes in bed. ?

So yes, Valentine’s Day is a total different ball (lol) game once you throw kids into the mix, but however you spend it, I hope you have a good one!

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