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March Round Up

So I thought I would start a monthly round up, as it also gives me a chance to talk about how some of my goals for the year are going.

First up, March was a busy one! As well as The Littlest’s first birthday, two of my step-nieces also had birthdays, there was Mothers Day, my Mums birthday and wedding anniversary and we were also away in the Peaks for the weekend. Phew!

For The Littlest’s birthday we went to the zoo for the day and had a little tea party after, as we had a big family 1st birthday party combined with his naming day a few days after. It was lovely, although a few things earlier in the day caused a bit of stress but we got there in the end. I can’t believe he is one already; we took him to go and get his first shoes (cruisers, he can’t walk yet!) and he is already 3.5g, his brother was a 2f for his firsts, he was already walking by his 1st birthday too. It’s so hard not to compare them and they are two utterly different kids! They will get there when they get there, it’s much easier to be chill about it all the 2nd time round.

I have been doing quite well at ditching single use plastic, although once you start actively paying more attention you really discover how much cannot be recycled which I thought previously could. Yogurt pouches, coloured plastic, so much ends up in landfill. It’s hard to go cold turkey but I am trying the best I can at the moment, we have definitely seen an improvement. I am glad PG Tips announced they were ditching the plastic in teabags though, loose leaf is hard work!

I have been super good at not buying any clothes too, although I think I am going to need a couple of smarter work things as we go into Spring and I have lots of work events in May too, but I am going to try and get creative with what I have first. If I can get my eating back under control then it will open up a whole new wardrobe! The horrible long Winter and grey miserable weather has meant my B.E.D has been really bad. But I am going to make a conscious effort to track what I am eating on My Fitness Pal again as it really worked before, I don’t conctrate on the number too much as it can be triggering but keeping a record helps keep me on track and there is a wealth of good resources and recipes on there. If you use it, please add me

One of the things I wanted to do this year was start a podcast; well in March I was supposed to be attending a Mumsnet workshop on Podcasting but it got cancelled, boo! How ever, it’s still very much on the cards. In other related blog news, my good friend Vinnie helped me move over to self-host the blog and designed me a cool logo, how good is he? Let me know what you think! I am heading to an East Mids bloggers networking session on Saturday too.

So that was March! This month the biggest turns 4, how did that happen?! Lots of other cool stuff planned too. Let’s hope the April showers do one though!