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Fussy Eating & Dinner-Time Fights…

When we started weaning The Biggest, we went down the baby-led weaning route. I liked the sound of it, I have my own issues with food (I have been diagnosed with Binge-Eating disorder and have struggled with it since I was 17, but that’s another blog for another day!) and liked the idea that BLW helped curb over-feeding, as well as promising to help children be less fussy when they are older. 

Ha. If only. He ate brilliantly when he was younger but he hit about 2 and a half and we are currently in a world of pain when it comes to dinner times with The Biggest. He isn’t as fussy as some, he still eats a range of foods but it changes on a day to day basis. So I am left wondering if its power struggle, or if he really doesn’t like certain things. He also has this horrible habit of chewing a piece of food for literally hours, like we can go up to bed to brush his teeth and there will still be a piece of something he has to spit out which is totally gross. 

What makes it worse is because I am so overly sensitive and aware of my own disordered eating I dont want him to get a complex, so what do you do? He will happily eat ham sandwiches or peanut butter on toast for every meal if I let him. He loves fruit, so fortunately I know some vitamins are getting in to him. Even on days when I know I have given him a dinner he likes, he will refuse to eat it, which is why I wonder if it’s a power thing. I have tried everything, the whole ‘you dont have to eat it’ schtick which he is like, ok, I wont. But I really dont want to go down the route of making various meals but I dont want him to starve. The dilemma! We’ve tried bribery which occasionally works, but I hate having to barter with crap because ultimately that will be what he is hungry for. 

Hoping it’s just a phase as dinner times are exhausting at the moment. You know it’s bad times when your almost 9 month old is eating more than your 3 1/2 year old. ? So tell me, if you also found yourself in this position, how did you deal with it? Pearls of wisdom gratefully accepted!