Mental Health

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

“Comparison is the thief of joy’ Theodore Roosevelt, former President of the USA once said. And over 100 years later, it’s never been truer in the digital age we now live in.

It’s so hard not to compare yourself to everyone else and in this era where we live our lives online, it’s almost impossible not too. But we all know that social media only shows the editted highlights, the bits people want you to see. I have tried to ensure my feeds are full of people who keep it real, but even so, it’s difficult. I have fallen into a blog and social rut. My blog isn’t as entertaining, my ideas are no good, my content is rubbish, my collaborations are poor, I shouldn’t do ads and yaddy yadda.

I like creating flat lays, I like styling pictures for the ‘gram. But I have been so worried that I am not up to scratch, I have just stopped. Stopped writing, stopped creating pictures. And actually that’s made me a bit sad.

I have lost my creative release, the thing I like to do to for me, away from being Mum, simply by worrying too much about what I am putting out there. So nothing is going out! We are hitting my favourite season and I need my mojo back!

I am going put my big girl pants on and stop worrying about what I think people want me to write, or how my pictures aren’t on par with my peers, and stop feeling so self-conscious. I am going to dust off my peg board, even if it makes me so 2000-and late. I am going to put together some slightly wonky pictures. I am going to get out and take some pictures of me, in all my tubby glory, doing what I like to do best, drinking (tea, or gin, depending on the time of day!), kicking around outdoors and share my love of a bargain (I still need to tell the tale of my 99p pristine Next sofas, aka, the best eBay buy ever).

I am going to go on random political rants about the state of society and the world around us. I am going to constantly talk about candles and bath bombs and I ain’t even sorry. I’ve got so many blogs just sat waiting to be published – reviews of products like the Mud & Bloom Subscription box and the wonderful holiday site we stayed in, in France, along with my thoughts of turning 40 and my determation to start ticking off my bucket list.

So yeah. You do you. I’m just going to do me.